Our History

We Started and Growing Fast


LA DEVOIR VENTURES LLP is founded, specializing in the production of industrial packaging materials. LA DEVOIR VENTURES launches its first product line of packaging materials.


LA DEVOIR VENTURES introduces its packaging solutions to several major industries and secures contracts with several of them. LA DEVOIR VENTURES expands its production capacity to keep up with the increased demand for its products.


LA DEVOIR VENTURES receives recognition from the packaging industry for its innovative and sustainable product line. LA DEVOIR VENTURES opens a new manufacturing facility in a different city to expand its operations to other states.


LA DEVOIR VENTURES acquires a smaller packaging company to expand its product line and gain access to new markets. LA DEVOIR VENTURES expands its global reach by establishing partnerships with distributors in several international markets. LA DEVOIR VENTURES partners with a leading industries to provide sustainable packaging options to secure their product.